Creating and importing PowerTap .csv files

Usually, you will directly download recorded data from PowerTap Pro/SL, 2.4 and ANT+ computers into PowerCoach via LINK.

If you are unable to use LINK, or if you like to import data series from existing files, make sure you have PowerTap .csv files as created by PowerTuned Agent or PowerTap Link.

Files conforming to PowerTuned Agent or PowerTap Link format can be imported with PowerCoach.

NOTE: We recommend to import PowerTuned Agent files. PowerTuned Agent creates .csv files containing precise date and time informations. Files created by PowerTap Link do not contain date and time informations.

For example, proceed as outlined below to import PowerTap .csv files.

• Pull down the "PowerCoach" main menu and choose "Import...".

• When the "Open..." dialog gets displayed, select and open the .csv file you want to import. For example, if you have PowerTuned Agent, navigate to the "Export" folder of PowerAgent to open a downloaded file.

Typically, you locate the "Export" folder via following access path:

  C:\Program files\PowerAgent\Data\Export

Importing is fast when files contain one continuous recording. When a file contains several recording blocks, PowerCoach must synchronize time lines while transforming PowerTap data to standard data series format. Synchronizing can be time consuming on computers with limited computing power.

• When the "ASCII IMPORT" dialog gets displayed, enter the ID code of the person who gets the data series assigned and click "OK" to launch a new "Series" Job with the imported data.

When importing PowerTuned Agent files, PowerCoach detects the start date and start time of imported series. When importing PowerTap Link files, enter also start date and start time.

TIP: Separate units with one space character. For example, write

..."1 1 4" for date "01.01.2004"...

..."9 23 8" for time "09:23:08"...

when entering date or time with PowerCoach. Do not type unnecessary zeros.

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• If you have problems to import PowerTap .csv files, use PowerCoach release 20060615 or newer.

• On Windows, if you have problems to import from desktop, save files to other locations (for example to [My Documents] folder).