Updating PowerCoach X on Windows

• Go to the News page of PowerCoach ACADEMY.

• Enter your password into Personal Domain Login. From your Personal Domain, go to Software Download page.

• Download PowerCoach X (update package) for Windows.

• Unzip the downloaded file. You get a new program folder named

  -  PowerCoach_X_YYYYMMDD

containing 14 objects. Note that the date YYYYMMDD denotes the release version of the PowerCoach_X application program.

TIP: If you have problems to unzip the downloaded file, try StuffIt Expander.

• In your "PowerCoach_X" folder, trash your old "PowerCoach_X_YYYYMMDD" folder and replace it with the new "PowerCoach_X_YYYYMMDD" folder.

WARNING: Do not trash or replace your "PowerCoach_X" folder (or any objects in the "PowerCoach_X" folder other than your old "PowerCoach_X_YYYYMMDD" folder).

• To launch the application easily, create a new short cut of

  - PowerCoach_X.exe (located in "PowerCoach_X_YYYYMMDD")

and move this short cut to your desktop.

• To launch PowerCoach X on Windows Vista:

  - right click the short cut and select run as an administrator.

• To launch PowerCoach X on Windows 2000 or Windows XP:

  - double click the short cut.

• To receive your free LICENSE update, email the new CODE (generated when the new program gets launched).

TIP: Simply click the license CODE. Your email program will automatically compile a corresponding email -- ready to send and requesting your license (Tech Tip 20070312).

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