Installing PowerCoach on Mac OS 9

• Download the current release of PowerCoach for Mac OS9/Classic.

• Unstuff the downloaded file. You get a file named "PowerCoach_YYYYMMDD". Note: if you have problems to unstuff, try StuffIt Expander.

• In "Applications" create a new folder named "PowerCoach".

• Move the downloaded "PowerCoach_YYYYMMDD" file into the "PowerCoach" folder.

• Within "PowerCoach" folder, create a folder named "DATA".

• To launch the program easily from desktop create an alias of "PowerCoach_YYYYMMDD".

• Double click the alias to start the application:

- When the "Open which data file..." dialog gets displayed, click [New...] button.

- When the "Create a data file..." dialog gets displayed, navigate to the DATA folder, enter a file name and click [Save] button.

NOTE:  The name extension ".4DD" is mandatory for PowerCoach database files. For example, name your database "PowerCoach.4DD", "John_Power.4DD" or "POWER_COACHING.4DD".

• When PowerCoach start screen gets displayed, click software release version to choose the user language (English, French or German).

• Click anywhere else on start screen to resume initialization.

• When the LICENSE dialog gets displayed, enter your firstname and name into first field. Optionally, enter the name of your organization into second field.

• Click [OK] to display CODE and LICENSE entry fields. As long as PowerCoach is not licensed, the program will display at startup this dialog:

- If you don't know your license yet, or if you don't want a licensed program, click [CANCEL].

- Once you know your license, enter the license into license field and click [OK].


You are ready to use PowerCoach software !

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